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Peony Time (aka Derby Time)

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Derby time in Kentucky is full of juleps, hats, and gala events. For me, Kentucky Derby time means Peonies are in bloom!

These are my favorite flowers. I look forward to their blossoms every spring, and am always so sad when their season is over. They leave a large impression in any arrangement, and are perfectly able to hold their own in a silver julep cup all to themselves.

When I was a child, my mother planted peonies in our garden, and was persistent in making sure I shook out the large blooms before bringing them into the house, to keep the ants outside. 

I love setting a table with an array of silver julep cups down the middle, with a single peony in each one, hovering just above the rim. So simple, yet so elegant. So precious, yet so relaxed.

I still shake the blooms before bringing them inside the house.

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