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The Gingerbread House Project

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When I was a child, my mother used to comb through magazines at the grocery store to find ideas for her annual gingerbread house project. I would study the images as she swiftly flipped through the multitude of pages, and imagine the fun we were going to have once the annual project was underway!

We would go home and make archtictural-like paper patterns and then start the baking process. Erecting the house from slabs of gingerbread, with cut-out windows and doors, was always an exciting time. One year we even needed to use knitting needles to hold up the sides of the house from inside until the cement icing solidified!

My mom, is and was, somewhat of a perfectionist, so everything was perfectly balanced, symmetrical and neat...I always felt a bit limited and stifled, but it was her house after all, and I just took note and learned from the best!

This is the house I made this year with Lily, and as you can see her creativity is busting at the seams as well...

Happy creative holidays to everyone!

candy house christmas gingerbread house

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