The Penelope Post

    As the daylight hours begin to wane at this time of year, my preference for comfort foods hardly goes unnoticed. There is a definite correlation between flipping on the light switches earlier in the evening and my penchant for resorting to cooking up a large pot of turkey chili.
    Despite stumbling around the final turn of the 2005 Preakness Stakes, a horse named Afleet Alex regained his footing and miraculously went on to win the race. Every year, his race is replayed on national TV before the live race is run, exemplifying the true heart and determination of a champion.
    We’ve taken this classic design, updated the color palette, and included our signature pomegranates for a vintage feel. Our first print set precedence for how we do things around here. Since the beginning we have stayed true to the process of ancient hand block printing practiced in India for over 800 years. Our designs are hand sketched in house and then carved into wooden blocks to be stamped repeatedly onto delicate fabric, then washed, and hung to dry in the sun.
    Mother’s Day morning used to start with me having to go back to bed and pretend to be still asleep, ignore sounds of crashing and scents of burning toast, and feign surprise when the kids would come in with a tray. Who would have thought that child #5, Lily, would be a chef in the making, capable of pulling together the most delicious breakfasts in bed. This was an all-time favorite, not least because it included a bellini made with fresh peach juice. Little did she know she was setting the bar very high for herself for each subsequent Mother’s Day.
    A true classic, Marylou Whitney (or Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney as she was known back then) was the epitome of the Palm Beach hostess: beautiful, elegant, welcoming, a great cook and a gracious entertainer. Her luncheons and dinner parties were legendary, be they in Saratoga, NY, Lexington, KY or Palm Beach.
    All eyes are on asparagus right now (just ask The New York Times and check out their latest recipes) but my favorite is as straightforward as it is delicious. Sometimes, on spring nights when I’m on my own for dinner, I’ll wrap asparagus spears in slices of prosciutto, drizzle them with a little olive oil and cracked pepper and throw them in the toaster oven.