The Penelope Post

    It’s always around this time of year where we run out of dinner ideas, and cooking feels like even more of a chore. Add to that the fact that few of us are traveling for spring break, and we’ve decided to bring spring break to us: set the table with beachy place settings, pour some fun and fruity cocktails and mocktails, and try a new recipe or two. Read on for some dinner ideas (tiny cocktail umbrellas sold separately) and use your best judgement in terms of quantities. Who has time for measuring ingredients these days!
    British designer, writer and personality, India Hicks, is so stylish and creative, her name has become synonymous with gorgeous scenes. From designing her own lines of jewelry and accessories and penning lush coffee table books, to raising five children and working tirelessly on behalf of the people of the Bahamas, it seems there’s nothing Indiacan’t do. So we are thrilled to announce this special event… Family Collection: India Hicks Happily for Pomegranate.
    We might be past the days of giving ourselves “natural highlights” with lemon juice and unabashed sunbathing, but having a bowl full of lemons on hand is always a good idea. They’re beautiful to look at, particularly in a glass or our bamboo cane bowls, but also incredibly useful for everything from cleaning your microwave to making pancakes. Read on for our favorite lemon uses, from the sublime to the… pragmatic.
    Winter mornings, when we rise before the sun, have to bundle up the minute we leave our cozy beds and then again before we dare leave the house, are rough. A warm and filling ‘stick-to-your-ribs’ breakfast is just the ticket to help put a spring in your step—until we actually get to spring. And including some goodness like antioxidant-rich blueberries, protein-filled nuts and fiber-filled seeds is guaranteed to keep your bod happy. Read on for three favorite, no-cook winter breakfasts.