Gaya Cobalt

Gaya Cobalt

Blue Heaven

Bring classic blue & white to your home with this exclusive hand-dyed print

Gaya Cobalt

Our Gaya Cobalt series is meant to capture the splendor and mystique of the ancient city of Gaya, India. This majestic Indian city has been renowned for ages—since the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha. This enchanting print features delicate, hand-drawn blue flowers and an intricately patterned border that will enrich any room, adding both beauty and a sense of mystique.

Linens To Treasure

From our blue floral tablecloth to our cloth napkins, each piece in the Gaya Cobalt collection is sure to inspire and enliven your home. This collection also features alluring items for your living room and bedroom, including the charming and comfortable throw pillow and the luxuriously bright and beautiful Gaya Cobalt quilt. The soothing yet vivid blue hue is sure to leave you feeling both inspired and joyful every time you set eyes on it.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

Our Gaya Cobalt print is a part of our Indian Handblock series, which imparts a distinctive look on all of our items both big and small, from our blue floral tablecloth to our cloth napkins. Handblock printing is an ancient Indian method that uses carved wooden blocks to impart patterns of incredible detail and intricacy on fabrics, for a uniquely lasting and intricate effect. The result is a striking series of linens that have been handmade by highly skilled artisans and that will add gravitas to any room.

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