Sagar Orchid

Sagar Orchid

Purple Passion

Unexpected pops of orchid add dimensional detail to your seasonal tablescape

Sagar Orchid

Orchids were treasured by the Ancient Greeks as a symbol of beauty and refinement. We wholeheartedly agree that there is something majestic and enchanting about these stunning flowers which is why we’ve added the Sagar Orchid print to our collection of hand blocked textiles. Bring some floral elegance to your table and kitchen with orchid home decor from Pomegranate.

Embrace the Beauty of Florals

Our orchid home decor pieces feature a repeating motif of delicate flowers surrounded by a classic paisley border in blue and purple hues. This refined print will upgrade any table setting, whether you are cooking a quiet meal at home or hosting a big party. Layer several pieces together or simply add a table runner or pretty placemats to create an effortless luxurious tablescape.

Age-Old Craftsmanship

Our Sagar Orchid print is named in part after the Sagar region of India, which is home to many brightly colored hotels and buildings. Our orchid home decor uses these vivid hues as inspiration, in order to create this pattern, which is completely unique to Pomegranate. Our napkins, placemats, tablecloths, and other textiles have been made using traditional hand block printing methods for a final product that honors time-old production methods and feels full of history and life.

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At Pomegranate, we are committed to producing items that celebrate artistry and quality. We use the beauty of our surroundings, travel inspirations, and classic techniques to create designs that will enliven your home. To see more distinctive table linens, browse the rest of our Indian handblocks.