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Spring 2017 Apparel

Sapphire Jewel Embroidery Shift Dress
Sapphire Jewel Embroidery Long V-Neck Dress
Rose Jewel Embroidery Button Up Dress
Rose Jewel Embroidery Halter Dress
Rose Jewel Embroidery Tunic
Emerald Cotton Voile Caftan with Drawstring
Emerald Cotton Voile Pintuck Dress
Emerald Cotton Voile Classic Tunic
Navy Cotton Voile Sleeveless Dress
Navy Cotton Voile Peasant Top
Poplin Betty Dress
Poplin Pintuck Dress
Poplin Split Neck Tunic
Poplin Collard Tunic
Poplin Tulip Shorts
Poplin Tulip Top
Sapphire Embroidered Voile Caftan with Drawstring
Sapphire Embroidered Voile Caftan with Tassels
White Cotton Eyelet Caftan w/ Drawstring
Navy Cotton Eyelet Caftan with Tassels
Navy Cotton Eyelet Tunic
Blue Hooded Kate Cashmere Sweater
Blush Hooded Kate Cashmere Sweater
Hooded Kate Cashmere Sweater (Navy)
Sand Hooded Kate Cashmere Sweater
White/Emerald Indian Flower Mini Dress
White/Emerald Indian Flower Short Sleeve Top
Navy/White Indian Flower Shorts
White/Emerald Indian Flower Tank Dress
White/Emerald Indian Flower Sleeveless Top
Zoe Stripe Sweater (Navy/White)
Zoe Stripe Sweater (Light Blue/Coral)
Coral/Navy Zoe Stripe Sweater
Rose Embroidered Voile Long Caftan with Drawstring