Transition Pieces

Seasons are changing, and you need patterns to match! Here are our favorite prints for when it's rainy one day and sunny the next.

Herringbone Coral Napkins
Herringbone Coral Table Runner
Herringbone Coral Tea Towels (Set of 2)
Herringbone Blue Paper Placemats
Herringbone Blue Tablecloth
Classic Linen Napkins - Delft
Classic Linen Table Runner - Delft
Ginger Jars Napkins (Set of 4)
Ginger Jars Paper Placemats
Topiary Apron
Topiary Napkin
Topiary Table Runner
Topiary Tablecloth
Topiary Tea Towels (Set of 2)
Classic Linen Napkins - Azure
Classic Linen Table Runner - Azure
Classic Linen Hand Towels - Azure (Set of 2)
Lipizzan Napkins
Lipizzan Table Runner
Lipizzan Tablecloth
Lipizzan Waltz Ceramic Mugs (Set of 4)
Lipizzan Paper Placemats
Kalahari Green Apron
Classic Linen Napkins - Dill
Classic Linen Table Runner - Dill
Classic Linen Hand Towels - Dill (Set of 2)
Kalahari Green Napkins
Kalahari Green Placemats
Kalahari Green Tea Towelss (Set of 2)
Kalahari Red Napkins
Kalahari Red Placemats
Kalahari Blue Apron
Kalahari Blue Napkins
Kalahari Blue Placemats
Kalahari Blue Tea Towelss (Set of 2)
Hunter Embroidered Linen Fingertip Towel
Hunt Club Tea Towels (Set of 2)
Hunt Club Tablecloth
Hunt Club Table Runner
Hunt Club Napkin
Hunt Club Apron
Fox Hunt Linen Cocktail Napkins (Set of 4)
Fox Hunt Embroidered Linen Fingertip Towel
Ginger Jars Tea Towels (Set of 2)