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     #notyourmamastable is a testament to our relaxed sense of style, and our firm belief in using our products everyday as well as on special occasions with your finest china.  We don't believe that you should worry about everything matching perfectly, but believe you can create a relaxed atmosphere with your favorite things, thus putting everyone at ease who's is in the chairs.

    After years spent traveling, exploring and creating, India remains our first love. The ancient art of hand block printed textiles allows our designs to come to life, bringing vibrancy and color to everything we do.

    The creative process begins

    Our first step creating prints is the old fashioned way - by hand. Gouache, watercolors, markers and pens are utilized to create our exclusive designs.

    By hand, the process continues

    The interpretation of our designs as block printed textiles begins with the carving of individual wooden blocks by master artisans.

    By hand, the colors are mixed

    At this point, highly skilled "Color Masters" are then engaged to mix our vibrant colors to our exact requirements.

    By hand, the printing begins

    Highly skilled craftsmen then painstakingly position the blocks according to the print repeat, layering the colors one-by-one until the print is complete.