At-Home Valentine’s

Angela Beck


Even in non-pandemic times, going out for Valentine’s Day has never been all that enticing. Who needs to make reservations weeks in advance, hire a sitter, get dressed up on a weeknight and go to a packed restaurant for a set menu. Staying home has always been more attractive, but that doesn’t mean carte blanche to slack off on the creative planning. Read on for our tips for a stay-at-home Valentine’s that will be just as—if not more—special than ever.

Special Delivery

Hand-write an invitation and deliver it to your partner a few days before Valentine’s Day. Include where you’d like to meet, at what time, and give hints about what’s in store.

Home Picnicking

Pack a basket with a tablecloth, cloth napkins, real china, silverware and glasses. Treat yourselves to your favorite gourmet charcuterie, cheeses and other fun treats like grapes, strawberries and salted nuts. Pick up a freshly baked loaf of bread and warm it up in the oven.

Jammie Party

We can all use a new set of pajamas these days, so let this be the excuse to buy new jammies for both you and your partner. Pick out matching pjs but avoid any overt Valentine’s Day themes as they’ll feel awkward by April.

Love Notebook

Get your hands on a small notebook and create a “Reasons I Love You” book for your partner. Dedicate one reason per page and decorate each page with photos, drawings and stickers.

Make brownie sundaes

When it’s time for dessert, make your own brownie sundaes with pre-made brownies (don’t overthink it: the brownies from a box mix are delicious!), good vanilla ice cream, and warm, high-quality hot fudge. Top with your favorite toppings like chopped pecans.

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Angela Beck