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We believe in authenticity and originality. So we approach the world with curiosity and wonder.

A note from Angela

Over 25 years ago I traveled to India, and were it not for my first born child, I am certain that I never would have left. Five children later, full of life experience no one would believe, I have rekindled the Pomegranate "look" with talented artisans through-out the world, that will refresh your table and brighten your day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

The Pomegranate Path

Our unique story is inspired by the life and travels of Founder and Creative Director, Angela Beck. From the paddocks and gardens of historic Gainesway Farm in Lexington, Kentucky to the pink sand beaches of Harbour Island, her sketches are brought to life through the ancient art of block printing in India.

At Home in Kentucky

Our home is where inspiration blooms, amidst awe-inspiring landscapes and thoroughbred horses—a tapestry of beauty that breathes life into every collection we design.

And, inspired by the currents of the Bahamas

In the Bahamas, where crystalline waters meet vibrant seascapes, we found our muse. Each pattern we create carries the spirit of this island paradise, a refreshing essence of spring and summer.

Hand Block Printed in India

India's hand-blocked printing is a centuries-old art form showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Artisans carve intricate designs onto wooden blocks, which are then stamped onto fabric with vibrant dyes. The result is a mesmerizing array of patterns, from elaborate florals to traditional paisleys, reflecting India's rich cultural heritage. The handmade nature, vibrant colors, and meticulous detailing contribute to the enduring beauty of this traditional craft.


The art of hand-blocked printing.

Step 1

Every design in painted by hand;
then passed to block carvers to render
the design for block printing.

Step 2

Emulating our hand drawn designs,
skilled artisans carve the designs
into wooden blocks.

Step 3

Color masters mix colors
to match our palettes.

Step 4

Each color pattern is
meticulously stamped onto fabric,
layer by layer.

Step 5

Between each stamped
layer, the fabric is washed to
set the dye.

Step 6

Once stamped and
washed, the fabric is hung
to dry in the sun.

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