Give the Gift of...Tea Towels!

What’s better than giving a gift to someone you care about? Giving them two gifts!

Here at Pomegranate, we have just the idea to take your gift giving to the next level by using a multipurpose “gift wrap” that is also a gift. We discovered that tea towels work perfectly for wrapping small items like baked goods, wine, jams and jellies, or even kitchen utensils. Simply wrap the gift in one of our stylish, handblock-printed Pomegranate tea towels, tie it up with a ribbon, and voila: the easiest and most fun gift wrap job you have ever done. And imagine the recipient’s joy when they realize they get to enjoy both the wrapper and its contents!

This tea towel gift wrapping trick is perfect for teachers, coworkers, hostesses, neighbors, friends, and really anyone to whom you want to give a quick and easy surprise. It also works great for housewarming gifts and stocking stuffers.

We hope you love this tea towel gift wrapping trick as much as we do. Check out the video above for a quick demonstration on how to wrap gifts with a tea towel. Tag us on social media and show us how you used your tea towels!

Pro tips: We recommend wrapping baked goods in a piece of wax paper before placing in the towel. And, if you really want to make an impact, one of our handblocked tablecloths can be used to gift wrap larger items.

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Angela Beck
Tagged: DIY