It's Like Apples & Oranges

Angela Beck



Our latest print features potted pear trees, which got us thinking about the beauty of preserved fruit—particularly at this time of year, when horns of plenty, wreaths and centerpieces are top of mind. The best preserved fruit maintains a vibrant color, dries stiff, and lasts for more than one season. Best of all—making them is a fun craft project! Read on for some favorites—both available to buy and DIY… and shop the Partridge Pear Tree collection.

Pomegranate's Preserved Pomegranates

Of course we might be somewhat partial, but we find pomegranates to be naturally very beautiful. These preserved ones look beautiful as part of year-round decor, but feel particularly festive around the holidays. $28 set of 6

Pomegranate’s Preserved Pumpkins

These naturally preserved miniature pumpkins, which measure 2-4” in diameter, are the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving tablescape, whether scattered or in a glass bowl. $24 for set

Pomegranate’s Pinecone Garland

While they’re not fruit, our pinecone garland, which measures 55” long, looks perfectly natural sitting amidst dried and preserved fruit—on a table, a mantle or in a wreath. $55

Citrus Slices

Orange slices are best dried in a food dehydrator but if you don’t happen to have one of those lying around, fear not. Merely cut up various types of oranges (blood oranges, naval oranges, clementines and even grapefruit work well), lemons and limes into thin slices then lay on a cookie sheet and place in an oven set to 150º Fahrenheit. Bake for 3-4 hours, checking on them occasionally and flipping them if necessary. Once dried and cool, coat each slice with a clear acrylic sealer on all sides. Note: wrap each slice individually in wax paper and then in a well-sealed plastic bin to store them for future years.

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Try the oven-baking technique with other fruit—like kiwi, apple, starfruit, and see how it looks. We’d love to see it!


The beauty of the Partridge Pear Tree print is that it doesn’t need much in the way of additional decor, but try these out and let us see how you style your table. Happy table setting! Shop the Partridge Pear Tree collection now.

Angela Beck