Angela Beck
Founder and Creative Director of Pomegranate Inc.

Published August 10, 2020

Some nights, the stars align—dinner’s on time, your playlist hits a good run of tunes, the rosé is super chilled, everyone’s in a good mood, the kitchen seems to remain clean(ish). If this is your reality more often than not, then all the power to you. But for all the other nights—and all the rest of us—dinner time seems to also be when the baby spits up... or a kid falls off his bike... or the teenager is in a mood... or the chicken hasn’t defrosted... or your guests are late (or early!!)... or you’re actually out of rosé. Or, as happened the other week to us, the storm clouds roll in.

It was a comedy of errors: my beautifully set outdoor picnic had to be moved inside; the power went out; the plan for grilled pizzas had to be nixed. What was originally meant to be a relaxed evening of al fresco pizza in front of a sunset became popcorn shrimp cooked in the living room (don’t ask) and eaten by candlelight in a dark house. And guess what? It was wonderful. Because we all relaxed, kicked off our shoes, laughed until our cheeks hurt, and we were present, focused on each other and being together. 

The rain clouds rolling in wouldn't damper our evening.

We opt for no-fuss, melamine plates many nights - especially with a house full of kids!

Our mix-and-match attitude towards tabletops comes in handy in situations like these, as we grabbed the new Sagar Orchid Placemats that had been outside, swapped out the drenched napkins for a set of Fuchsia Linen Napkins , and wiped down our Navy Bamboo Melamine Plates , which work just as well inside as out. I wish I had a photo of the set-up 2.0 but we were having too much fun and no one had their phones out. Exactly how dinners should be.

Here’s to the nights that go awry and end up being just perfect!

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Angela Beck
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