Pomegranate Inc., the vibrant home-goods line designed by Angela Beck, recently featured in Southern Living, resonates with the rich equestrian heritage of Kentucky. The article showcases not just Pomegranate’s unique designs, but also Beck’s personal approach to entertaining, influenced by her 30 years living amidst Thoroughbred horses. The spotlight on Pomegranate highlights Beck’s design philosophy that marries the artisanal tradition of Indian block-printing with motifs that evoke Kentucky’s rustic charm. Alongside the company's equestrian line, Beck's designs bring a casual yet sophisticated flair that's well-suited for Derby day celebrations or any gathering where a touch of pastoral elegance is desired. The coverage in Southern Living is a testament to Pomegranate's blending of tradition and whimsy—perfect for creating memorable tables and moments—and underscores the importance of authenticity and a relaxed approach in modern entertaining.
Aleah Rouse
Tagged: Press