Pom Buti Green Table Runner

Elevate the aesthetics of your table setting effortlessly with our Pom Buti Green table runner. This stunning piece adds a touch of timeless elegance to your dining experience, making it suitable for both everyday meals and those special occasions that deserve a touch of sophistication. The lush green fabric, adorned with delicate white floral motifs, creates a harmonious fusion of refined style and understated simplicity. This table runner is a versatile gem within your table linens collection, allowing you to curate a myriad of captivating tablescapes that reflect your unique taste, whether it's a casual family dinner or an elaborate celebration. Let your table speak volumes with the subtle yet striking charm of this Pom Buti Green table runner.

100% Cotton

Wash & Care

Machine wash cold. Tumble Dry Low.

Country of Origin

Made in India


Each table runner measures 14" x 108"