India Hicks Home Latticework Blush Picnic Basket


Imagine strolling through narrow streets adorned with picket fences, passing by prettily colored wooden homes that seem straight out of a fairytale. As you wander, you're surrounded by a labyrinth of latticework, each intricate pattern telling its own tale of love and adventure. Our Latticework Blush Rattan Picnic Basket echoes the romance of those idyllic streets, with its delicate pattern and soft blush hue.

Whether you're lounging in the park, or enjoying a sunset picnic by the beach, our India Hicks Home Latticework Blush Picnic Basket is the perfect accessory for creating lasting memories.


Woven Rattan Picnic Basket with 100% Cotton Liner.

Wash & Care

Wipe picnic basket with a damp cloth. Liner: machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

Country of Origin

Picnic Basket Made in Vietnam. Liner Made in India.


Picnic Basket Measures 16"w x 12"t x 9.5"d.