Indian Handblocks

Indian Handblocks

Bold & Bright Linens

Limited-edition designs crafted using the ancient art of handblock printing

Traditional Handblocks

Handblock printing on fabric is a time-honored technique for creating exceptionally beautiful linens, and we’re delighted to add these prints to our collection of creative and inspiring goods for the home. Shop the collection today to discover the singular appeal of handblock printing.

An Ancient Tradition

Handblock printing on fabric is a centuries-old Indian method in which blocks of wood are carved with intricate patterns to apply to plain fabric. Using vibrant inks, the pattern in the wood block is stamped by hand over the fabric, resulting in saturated colors and highly detailed designs. All of our handblocks are made in India by skilled artisans for authentic and beautiful table linens and home decor.

Handblock Patterns

Handblock printing on fabric creates linens with personality and soul. At Pomegranate we’ve used this technique to come up with a range of styles, starting with the bold and bright, such as our Gaya Rose and Gaya Cobalt collections to our delicate florals, like Sagar Cayenne and Sagar Orchid. Embellishments like paisley borders and unexpected color combinations make these styles standouts for your table all year round.

Inspired Table Linens

Our founder was inspired to start Pomegranate after her life-changing visits to India and we’re so pleased to be able to offer the singular appeal of these handblock textiles to our customers. We invite you to explore the rest of our table linens, kitchen items, and apparel for more singular goods with personality and panache, and please contact us at any point in your shopping experience if we can assist with any questions.