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    About Our Company

    "I often tell people that if I'd visited India before I had children, then I never would've left. The colorful hues, rich history, exceptional craftsmanship and overwhelming warmth of the country were all inspiring to me beyond description. They set the stage for the inception of Pomegranate nearly 25 years ago.

    Five children and more than two decades later, I've re-energized the brand I love by going back to the beginning and crafting hand-blocked textiles with India's most talented artisans. I start my creative process with sketches and small paintings that are often inspired by foggy Kentucky mornings or colorful Bahamian beaches. Once fully realized, talented artisans in Jaipur delicately hand-carve the images into teak wooden blocks. These blocks are then given to a group of local women who ink and stamp the linens using an ancient technique called hand blocking, a meticulous printing method passed down from generation to generation in India since the 13th century. The result is something unique, handmade and cared for.

    Collaborating with my dedicated team in Lexington, KY, to develop these new designs has been invigorating and our latest collection is just the beginning of exciting things to come. We hope you enjoy our limited-edition table linens and home accessories as much as we've delighted in creating them. "

    -- Angela Beck - Founder, Owner & Creative Director

    At the core of our design philosophy is a commitment to crafting home and apparel designs that are beautiful, timeless and full of life. We celebrate traditional Indian craftsmanship and the artistry conveyed through vibrant hand-blocked prints. While utilizing this time-honored technique, we continuously expand our collections, always seeking inspiration from nature's palette -- whether in the lush gardens of the Bahamas or the rolling hills of Lexington, Kentucky.

    Our Story

    Angela Beck Pomegranate Inc. was founded by Angela Beck in the spring of 1995. After years spent traveling, exploring and creating, she returned home eager to share the kaleidoscopic designs she discovered during her journeys. In fact, among her initial hand-blocked patterns was our namesake pomegranate print.

    Two decades after our launch on the world-renowned Gainesway Farm, we’ve made our home in downtown Lexington, KY. Under Angela’s guidance, our dedicated team creates home textiles, decor items, women's apparel and travel accessories that enliven and inspire everyday experiences.

    From hosting intimate gatherings in majestic horse country to dining with friends on the pink sands of Harbour Island, Angela continues to be inspired by the world around her and the warmth that comes from living, entertaining and creating.

    In short, Pomegranate is the place where Angela's worlds collide – her designs embody the equestrian spirit of the Bluegrass region and the windswept soul of Harbour Island.

    Our Perspective

    Although Pomegranate has evolved and transformed over the past two decades, our perspective has and will always remain the same. We believe in the beauty of the accidental -- the celebration of unique goods that are rich with personality and tell a story about the individuals who made them. Above all else, we cherish authenticity.