Pomegranate Tea Party

Angela Beck


Our mascot, Penelope the Pomegranate pug, is so excited about the launch of our latest print, Melograno Vine Fern & Poppy, she’s decided to throw a tea party to show it off! Follow the steps below to (virtually) join her and have your own tea party. (PS: melograno is Italian for pomegranate!)

Gather Your Supplies

Whether your tea party is in person or via Facetime or Zoom, it’s imperative to have a well-set table. Our Melograno Vine Fern & Poppy tablecloth and napkins are the perfect setting for a simple or fancy tea set. Feel free to mix and match vintage pieces from different sets, add in new elements and play with combining materials—like silver, porcelain, transferware and crystal. (If you plan to serve more than one type of tea, you’ll need multiple teapots.) Tip: You won’t need placemats at each set but could use our Natural Bamboo Cane Placemats under the teapot and serving plates.


Invite Your Friends

A gracious hostess always sends proper invitations with adequate notice! These days, an email can suffice. Don’t forget to include a dress code if applicable—I’m requesting that all my guests wear their finest hats!


Rustle Up Some Treats


There is no shortage of deliciousness that you can serve at your tea party. We suggest at least two types of tea sandwiches—cucumber on white bread and smoked salmon and cream cheese on brown or pumpernickel are favorites—and at least two sweets. A classic Victoria Sponge Cake makes a lovely centerpiece, and scones with clotted cream and jam is a go-to for a reason. If you have a three-tiered stand, now is your time to use it!



Make the Tea


It is customary to serve at least two teas, one caffeinated and one not. Using loose leaf tea is considered more elegant than tea bags, but of course requires straining. Fun fact: herbal and black teas should be steeped in hotter water (about 210ºF for five minutes) while white and green teas should be steeped in slightly cooler water (about 170ºF for three minutes).



Serve Your Guests with Grace


Once the tea has steeped for the allotted amount of time, serve all of your guests and offer milk, cream, lemon, honey and sugar. If anyone would like more tea, make a new pot, as you don’t want anyone drinking overly steeped tea, for heaven’s sake!



Most of all, enjoy your time with your guests, luxuriate in the delicious tea and treats, and appreciate your beautiful table! Shop Melograno Vine Fern & Poppy today.

Angela Beck