Fall's New Colors

Angela Beck

While we love fall, we’ve never been the biggest fan of its traditional décor colors—oranges and browns and yellows just don’t do it for me. And don’t get us started on mums… But we recently had a realization: we don’t have to be married to these typical, age-old color schemes in order to celebrate the season. And it seems we’re not alone in this regard—doesn’t it seem like even your local grocery store has started to stock white and blush-colored pumpkins, along with more green squash and gourds? We’re here for it, and also making our own colors by painting our pumpkins. So without further ado—may we present our favorite, Pomegranate-approved, pumpkin décor!

Note:  Be sure to clean and fully dry the pumpkin, then cover it with a layer of sealant (Mod Podge acrylic sealer works well) to ensure the paint doesn’t chip. Once your project is finished and the paint is fully dry, cover the entire pumpkin again with a coat of sealer. 

Pomegranate Phlox Pumpkins

Extend your Pomegranate print from your table settings and kitchens to your pumpkins and stencil or do potato printing of our classic Phlox pattern. We recommend green decorations on white (or white-painted) pumpkins.

Click HERE to download a printable stencil!

Splatter Paint Pumpkins

Paint your pumpkins a solid color then channel your inner Jackson Pollock and flick different color paints with a small paintbrush to create a splatter pattern. Hint: mix a bit of water into the paint before splattering to make smaller splashes.

Chalkboard Pumpkins

The now-ubiquitous chalkboard paint makes for pretty, matte surfaces. Bonus: you can write messages in chalk on them if you so choose!

Text Message Pumpkins

With a steady hand or a stencil, you can paint a word (“Boo”) abbreviation (“LOL”) or message (“Beware of Ghouls”) onto larger, white-painted pumpkins.

Stripes, Chevrons & Zigzags Pumpkins

Utilize painters’ tape to create straight, crisp lines and make classic or wacky stripes.

Paint Dip Pumpkins

Utilize painters’ tape to create straight, crisp lines and make classic or wacky stripes.


We’d love to see your pumpkins—painted or otherwise—so be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram! You can find us at @pomegranate_inc.

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