A Nod to a Classic

Angela  Beck

This week we are paying homage to one of our first prints introduced 25 years ago. We’ve taken this classic design, updated the color palette, and included our signature pomegranates for a vintage feel. Our first print set precedence for how we do things around here. Since the beginning we have stayed true to the process of ancient hand block printing practiced in India for over 800 years. Our designs are hand sketched in house and then carved into wooden blocks to be stamped repeatedly onto delicate fabric, then washed, and hung to dry in the sun. Not only has the Indian culture influenced our signature prints, but it also holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to cuisine. To balance the spice of the majority of traditional Indian dishes, a wine on the sweeter side is recommended for pairing. We are featuring our favorite butter chicken recipe from the New York Times and have hand picked three Rieslings we think you’ll enjoy. 

One of the best wines to serve with a butter chicken curry is a Riesling white wine which is a sweeter more aromatic white wine: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/butter-chicken-nytimes-52897611

...our Riesling recommendations

Pikes Riesling

Pikes traditionale riesling 2020, $20

Fun Fact: This South Australian wine has gained a cult following as Australia's finest Riesling.The Pikes story dates back to 1878 where it began as a brewing company H. Pike & Co. The company used the image of an English Pike fish on the label which remains to this day a symbol of their heritage. This is definitely a favorite of ours and pairs well with this butter chicken.

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Zilliken Riesling

zilliKEn haarburg riesling kabinett 2019, $27

Fun Fact: A light wine that "floats like a butterfly"...now isn't that enough of a reason to try it? Since 1742 the Zilliken family has put their greatest effort in their vines to produce a healthy fruit in line with the soil. Today, the winery is run by Dorothee Zilliken alongside her father, mother and husband. It's definitely a family affair, with a fine rating, and perfect for this recipe. 

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Clos Ste Hune

trimbach Clos Ste. hune riesling, $300

Fun Fact:  Well aren't you worth it? After all, you are going to slave away in the kitchen making the most amazing Butter Chicken! This wine is widely accepted as the finest Riesling ever, and has been produced by the Trimbach family since 1626 in Alsace, France. It is often referred to as  "bottled fresh air".  Treat yourself to this gem, and let me know how it is.

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Angela Beck
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