Bellinis in Bed

Angela  Beck

Mother’s Day morning used to start with me having to go back to bed and pretend to be still asleep, ignore sounds of crashing and scents of burning toast, and feign surprise when the kids would come in with a tray. Who would have thought that child #5, Lily, would be a chef in the making, capable of pulling together the most delicious breakfasts in bed. This was an all-time favorite, not least because it included a bellini made with fresh peach juice. Little did she know she was setting the bar very high for herself for each subsequent Mother’s Day.


Peach purée

(made from either fresh or defrosted frozen peaches blended to a smooth consistency in a blender or food processor)

Pink sparkling wine or champagne 

Pomegranate juice 

Fill the bottom third of the champagne flute with the peach purée, add the bubbly wine, stirring gently to blend with a splash of pomegranate juice for A pop of pink!

...our pink bubbly recommendations

Graham Beck Brut Rosé

Graham Beck Brut Rosé, methode cap classique $19

Fun Fact: The Methode Cap Classique (MCC) is the South African version of Champagne. The only difference is that Champagne grapes must be grown in the Champagne region of France, and these are grown in South Africa. I may be a bit partial to this family brand, but so is Forbes Magazine, Saveur, and the Wall Street Journal! 

Piper Heidsick Rose Sauvage

PIPER-Heidsick, rosé SAUVAGE, champagne $68

Fun Fact: This famous French champagne house was founded by love-struck Florens-Louis Heidsieck, determined to create a "wine that smiles" upon meeting Agathe Parthois. Rosé Sauvage or Wild Rose in french, is fruity, very pink, and how about that very bold label?


Moet Ice Imperial Rosé

MOët & Chandon, ice imperial rosé,  $72

Fun Fact: Moët & Chandon happens to be the favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, and I must admit, this pink bubbly is a  summer favorite around here, particularly in the hot summer months. I particularly like to serve it in a large wine glass over ice, with a slice of lemon and thinly shaved cucumber.


Angela Beck