Angela Beck
Founder and Creative Director of Pomegranate Inc.

Published August 31, 2020

Ah, the julep cup. A representation of southern charm at its finest. Once crafted solely in sterling silver and used for elixirs and tonics, the cups (now also made in pewter) today are most associated with the Kentucky Derby—taking place Saturday! But don’t plan to pack them away this Sunday… there are as many uses for these beautiful cups as there are reasons to love them. Herewith, the Pomegranate Best Of… Julep Cups.

10. Fill a cup ¾ with water and a floating candle

9. Fill cups with breadsticks, carrot sticks or cheese straws during cocktail hour

8. Provide one cup for each guest to hold their ice cream, hot fudge, and toppings at you make-your-own sundae bar 

7. Set three cups on the buffet—one each for forks, knives and spoons

6. Place two cups on the bar to hold drink stirrers and cocktail napkins

5. Engrave one cup for each guest with their names or monogram for a special party favor

4. Fill three or more cups with M&Ms for kids table (or grownups’)

3. Create a grand flower arrangement using pewter or silver pitchers and multiple cups on different-sized platforms, or make small posies for each table setting

2. Stuff a cup full of mint to keep on the bar 

1. And of course… fill any and all cups with the world’s best mint juleps

Be sure to use a fine Kentucky Bourbon when crafting your mint julep! Not only is Woodford Reserve an excellent choice, it is the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby - and made just down the road from us. 

Be sure to add some traditional red roses to your tablescape - the Derby winner is always draped with a blanket of beautiful red roses, hence the race's nickname, "The Run for the Roses."

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Angela Beck
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