Angela Beck
Founder and Creative Director of Pomegranate Inc.

Published September 7, 2020

September means bouts of cooler weather, a return to family routines, and—most exciting for us—harvest season for lots of the best fruit and veggies. As many of the country’s farms have struggled in the last six months with supply chain issues and more, and farmers markets seeing record low numbers, many devotees have turned—where else—to the internet to get their fill. Luckily, there are some wonderful sources for fresh produce from the best of the best, all available through a mouse click. Many farms ship in carbon-neutral capacities, to offset the shipping carbon footprint, allowing us to enjoy peaches from Georgia, blueberries from Maine, avocados from California and more (and of course support our country’s farms) with no guilt. Here are some of our favorite discoveries that are guaranteed to be as beautiful on your table as they are delicious. 

Frog Hollow Farm 

All organic, all in season, the produce offered by Frog Hollow Farm currently includes apples, pears, avocados and tomatoes. 

Brentwood, California. 

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Maine Sweet and Wild

Wild blueberries are about ¼ the size of the blueberries found in most grocery stores. And about 400% more delicious. 

Lamoine, Maine

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The Peach Truck

The peach truck makes deliveries via its Tour (it’s an actual peach truck), but also ships the best peaches you’ll ever have. They’re currently sold out but will have more by mid-October.


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Chukar Cherries

This family-owned company has expanded to offer corporate gifts and more, but don’t let it fool you… These are the real deal. 

Prosser, Washington

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Hale Groves

Florida oranges are world-famous for a reason, and Honeybell oranges are the best of the best—and are worth pre-ordering now for when they become available, in January. 

Vero Beach, Florida

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We love this autumnal color palette using our Gaya Teal & Marigold linens. 

As we expected to have an Indian summer, there will be plenty more time for al fresco dining into the fall. 

Do you know of any wonderful farms that offer shipping that we should know about? We’d love to add to our directory and support America’s farms.

Thanks for reading along,

Angela Beck