Angela Beck
Founder and Creative Director of Pomegranate Inc.

Published August 15, 2020

“It isn’t easy being green,” said Kermit, but we beg to differ—especially this time of year. When the grass and trees are still flourishing but the slightest nip can be felt in the air, green feels like the easy choice—so we recolored the classic Pomegranate print with a gorgeous, vibrant shade of it. Here to show you how best to style your table with the new collection are our favorite quick and easy greens for your table décor. Real or fake—these pieces will bring a bit of nature to your day.

Use what you have in your backyard or garden to create a simple but beautiful flower arrangement in a snap!

For greenery that lasts through the year, shop our Mini Boxwood Topiary Set. 

Mini Boxwood Topiary

This classic set of mini boxwood topiaries is the perfect way to add a small and elegant garden-like feel to any décor. Both in square cream pots, the taller topiary is about 6" tall and the shorter topiary is about 4" tall. 

$24 Set of 2

Succulents in Jardin Flower Pots 

With the increased appreciation for small succulents, many grocery stores sell them now. Repot them in our Jardin Ceramic Flower Pots and you have a low-maintenance centerpiece that will last for months.


Plants and Orchids 

Speaking of unlikely flower shops, we love picking up potted plants (even orchids!) online or in-store from huge retailers like Walmart, Costco, Target and Home Depot. Pick up or order online a roll of burlap fabric and twine to wrap around any original pots that don’t match your tablescape.

Dried Lavender 

Heads up for all you black thumbs out there: dried flowers need very little care. Lavender has the triple benefit of being beautiful, looking gorgeous with green prints, and smelling heavenly. It’s also known to act as a calming agent.

$15 for bunch

Cut Ferns

Our new Fern Candle votives make the perfect home for—what else—ferns. If you’re lucky enough to have any in your yard or nearby, don’t hesitate to take a pair of kitchen scissors to a few strands to stick in these or any bud vases you have on hand.

From $48 for set of 4

Napkin Rings

Want to roll your napkins but don’t have any napkin rings? Clip some tall grasses and wrap them around with a napkin. Just pick some extras to allow for breakage! 

Shop our new Pomegranate Green line, which includes tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins, dish towels, kitchen mitts, and more—here.


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