New Year New You

Angela Beck

No one would fault you for not making a new year’s resolution this year—we’ve had a lot on our plates… But there is something to be said for putting down some goals for the new year, starting with a fresh slate and trying to stick to them. Our resolutions, however, are a bit kinder and hopefully a bit easier to accomplish. And we’ve tried to come up with ways we can help. Read on for our 2021 Resolutions and shop the New Years Resolutions Collection now.

Try a new recipe every weekend

Weekday cooking is hard, but trying a new recipe on the weekends might be easier, be an excuse to get some help in the kitchen and maybe even provide leftovers for the week. Treat yourself to a new apron and matching pot holder set to feel fresh and stylish in the kitchen.

Get more sleep

Set yourself a bedtime and aim to get into bed—without any screens—at least 30 minutes before that. Do so in cozy and cute pajamas.


Eat more family dinners

Family dinners, away from TV, laptops and phones, have been scientifically proven to improve mental and physical health and bond family members together more than any other activity. Teaching your kids to set the table is a bonus—and very pretty with coordinating placemats and cloth napkins.

Breath life into your space

Houseplants were a 2020 craze that are here to stay. They brighten up nooks and crannies and can turn a cold, empty space into a cozy niche. Don’t forget to transfer them to a pretty coordinating planter.

Practice self-care

None of the above is possible if you don’t take some time for yourself. Try to practice some form of self-care each day—be it meditation, taking a bath, practicing yoga, or even just calling a friend. Light a candle (it doesn’t have to be a fancy scented candle!) to add a spa-like element to the moment.

We’d love to hear what your new year’s resolutions are, and if you make any great discoveries while (attempting to?) sticking with them. Shop the New Years Resolutions Collection now.

Rachael Henning