Treat Yourself

Angela Beck

We’d like to propose a new national holiday, and one that should last for at least a week. The seven or so days after Christmas, before New Years, when pure exhaustion has overcome even the perkiest of Santa’s helpers, we think those very elves should treat themselves. We could even call it Treat Yourself Week. Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted after all, or maybe that $20 from grandma is burning a hole in your pocket—whatever the case may be, this is the time to go ahead and get what you want for yourself. Read on for our favorite Pomegranate pieces that will be sure to make you feel “treated”!

Tablecloth & Napkin Set

Nothing feels fresher than a crisp new tablecloth and set of napkins. Our Pomegranate Blue print looks beautiful on your table year-round (and has been known to hide a stain or two!)

Apron, Oven Mitts & Tea Towels

Did Santa forget to bring you an entirely new kitchen? You’ll be amazed by how much a new set of tea towels hung from the oven, an apron hanging by the pantry, and a set of oven mitts laying by the stove will freshen up the place.

Napkin Rings

Are you eco-conscious about paper napkins but also tired of laundry? Switch to cloth napkins in a pattern and give each family member their own napkin ring to delineate which is theirs. You’ll get away with using them for a few extra meals (and might get your family members to eat a little bit neater, too!)

Ceramic Planters

One of our favorite ways to brighten up a table, a desk, even a bathroom sink, is with a potted plant or succulent. Our ceramic planters make even grocery store plants look top of the line!

Robes & Pajamas

Let’s face it—we’re not putting on real pants again for a while, so let’s refresh the jammies situation. Featuring a hand blocked playful pink cruiser, this voile robe is the perfect accessory to your morning cup of coffee.

Angela Beck
Tagged: DIY