'Twas the Week Leading to Christmas

Angela Beck

It feels like the holidays snuck up on us this year, and if you’re in need of some good ole holiday spirit, you’re not alone. From movie streaming and holiday snacking to mini road trips and paper snowflakes, this might be the year for some lay-it-on-thick traditions—old and new. Read on for our favorite ways to feel the spirit.

Stream Christmas Movies

Rotate between old favorites (Miracle on 34th Street; It’s a Wonderful Life) with newer classics (Love, Actually; The Holiday; Elf)

Make Holiday Snacks

Line a basket with a Christmas napkin, wrap the handle with Christmas ribbon, and fill it with treats—a bunch of clementines, Christmas cookies, even pretzels. Keep it out on the kitchen counter for hungry elves.

Check Out the Neighborhood's Lights

Give everyone a go cup of hot chocolate and pile the family into the car. Then hit the road to see the best lights in the neighborhood.

Make Paper Snowflakes

Grab some printer paper and scissors and get cutting! Use double-sided tape to stick them to windows and french doors for holiday decorations that can be kept up well after the holiday lights go down.

Angela Beck
Tagged: DIY Gatherings