The Pomegranate List

Angela Beck

Your mom has enough fancy hand cream, your dad doesn’t need any more socks, your bff doesn’t want another set of gloves… So what to gift your loved ones this year? How about some cheerful items for the place they’re spending the most time these days: home! From placemats and candle holders to throw pillows and bottle openers, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our Pomegranate holiday gift guide.

For the Glamour Girl — or Guy

A little quarantine never stopped this person from living her or his best life. To help them keep the glamour level high, consider the Malachite Globe candle votives, a set of linen placemats and napkins, and coordinating artisanal water glasses.

For the Mixologist

For the person who’s always mixing up a new concoction, tools of the trade are always appreciated. The bartender in your life will love a lacquer tray for setting up the bar or delivering drinks, a matching bottle opener and a set of embroidered cocktail napkins.

For the Cozy Seeker

Everyone these days is focused on being comfy and cozy, but this person takes it to the next level. For them, check out a set of Palms and Pagodas mugs for hot chocolate, a set of lime green raffia coasters to rest their warm beverage, and a Take It Easy pillow, ideal for curling up with a book.

For the Master Chef

The cook of the house deserves a lot more than just an offer to do the dishes. Gift them a matching set of tea towels, oven mitt and potholder and apron; a robe for early morning pancake making; and an orchid or succulent in a ceramic planter to brighten up the kitchen. (Plus, do the dishes.)

For the Happy New Homeowners

New homeowners, whether young or not so young, always appreciate fresh linens for their new home. Gift them a full set including placemats (Bamboo Cane placemats are a fan-favorite), a tablecloth and napkins (try the classic Pomegranate Blue) and a coordinating set of napkin rings, like the Navy Bow Beaded ones.

Bri Ach