Pom Buti Denim Placemat | Set of 4


Our Pom Buti Denim Placemats are more than just a practical choice; they're a canvas for your creativity and a way to express your personal style. These placemats feature a serene blue background adorned with a delicate white floral design, creating a captivating and timeless look that enhances any dining experience.

For everyday meals and casual get-togethers, these placemats infuse your table with a relaxed yet refined charm. Mix and match colors and patterns for a personalized touch! They are also perfect for special occasions and formal dining! Pair them with fine china and crystal glassware for an exquisite presentation. 

Elevate your entertaining and celebrate the artistry of dining with these charming placemats. Explore the endless possibilities and let your table come alive with the timeless beauty of the Pom Buti design.


100% Cotton

Wash & Care

Machine wash cold. Tumble Dry Low.

Country of Origin

Made in India


Each placemat measures 13" x 19". Sold as a set of 4.