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    The Penelope Post

    Your mom has enough fancy hand cream, your dad doesn’t need any more socks, your bff doesn’t want another set of gloves… So what to gift your loved ones this year? How about some cheerful items for the place they’re spending the most time these days: home! From placemats and candle holders to throw pillows and bottle openers, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our Pomegranate holiday gift guide.
    Gingerbread houses! Making gingerbread houses is one of those holiday traditions that is an event in and of itself (hello, cozy family gathering), results in homemade holiday décor (hello beautiful table centerpiece) and produces the most festive scent (hello wafts of gingerbread whenever you pass). Depending on your level of craftiness, you can really go for it and make your own gingerbread, roll and cut the pieces for a custom home, OR you can buy kits with the house sides pre made and cut. As everyone knows, the toppings are the star of the show… Read on for our favorite gingerbread house decorations and pre-made house kits.
    Let’s be honest, a really good dinner roll or slice of bread with really good butter is sometimes better than any dinner you can have. And with restaurant dining not so much a thing these days, we’ve been making our own to serve alongside supper (or sometimes in lieu of it!) Our best recipes are easy enough to be whipped up for a standard weeknight dinner, or to offer at your holiday table. Bonus: rolls or bread looks particularly gorgeous sitting snugly in a couple Blue Spruce napkins. Read on for our dinner roll and flavored butter recipes, and shop the Blue Spruce collection.
    As we head into cooler weather and are looking for safe ways to entertain ourselves and our families, our families seem to be spending even more time around the fire pit. There’s just something about gathering around an open fire that seems to bring everyone together in a cozy way—and without any screens. So in honor of the start of holiday season, and with portable fire pits so widely available now (I’ve seen them at Home Depot and local hardware stores), we thought we’d round up our favorite family activities for fire pit fun. Hint: s’mores are recommended.
    This Thanksgiving might be one of new traditions and with fewer people traveling, you could even find yourself hosting your own festive feast. All to say—you’ve got enough to think about, so let us make sure your table feels welcoming and festive. While we’re always appreciative of pulling out your grandmother’s linens and the wedding china, we figure this is the year to play around with some more modern pieces—and mix and match patterns and colors while we’re at it. Read on for some of our favorite combinations.
    Our latest print features potted pear trees, which got us thinking about the beauty of preserved fruit—particularly at this time of year, when horns of plenty, wreaths and centerpieces are top of mind. The best preserved fruit maintains a vibrant color, dries stiff, and lasts for more than one season. Best of all—making them is a fun craft project! Read on for some favorites—both available to buy and DIY… and shop the Partridge Pear Tree collection.