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    The Penelope Post

    Blue and white china is a classic for a reason. It works year round, they make for a beautiful table even when you add little else, and their vintage quality adds an antique feel to the set-up. There are as many types as there are shades of indigo, and their histories are as cool as you’d expect. Here’s what to know about some of our favorites.
    Our new Spice Route Garnet, inspired by travels around the world, has us dreaming of the day when we can travel—even plan our travels—again. But just because we’re not yet globetrotting doesn’t mean we can’t read and watch travel-related books, movies and shows. (In fact what else is there to do with all this time??) So we pulled together lists of our favorites and plan on spending the next weeks or months reading and rereading, watching and rewatching, and continuing to enjoy our cozy time at home.
    Our mascot, Penelope the Pomegranate pug, is so excited about the launch of our latest print, Melograno Vine Fern & Poppy, she’s decided to throw a tea party to show it off! Follow the steps below to (virtually) join her and have your own tea party. (PS: melograno is Italian for pomegranate!)
    While we love fall, we’ve never been the biggest fan of its traditional décor colors—oranges and browns and yellows just don’t do it for me. And don’t get us started on mums… But we recently had a realization: we don’t have to be married to these typical, age-old color schemes in order to celebrate the season. And it seems we’re not alone in this regard—doesn’t it seem like even your local grocery store has started to stock white and blush-colored pumpkins, along with more green squash and gourds? We’re here for it, and also making our own colors by painting our pumpkins. So without further ado—may we present our favorite, Pomegranate-approved, pumpkin décor!
    No matter how many episodes ofThe Great British Bake Off we watch, we somehow still can’t get our pies to look as beautiful as the professionals’. Luckily, pies are one of those items that can be bought—and if you’re really sneaky, passed off as your own. All you need is a great local bakery, some online resources (see below), or even a great grocery store. The trick? Make your own homemade whipped cream right before sitting down at the table. A little (or not so little) dollop atop a slice of pie goes a long way. Read on for our top ten favorite shippable pies, plus our tried-and-true whipped cream recipe.
    We’re officially in Fall now, and we can think of no better color foundation for your autumnal tables than a rich, jade green. Our Jade Paisley print features beautiful, two-tone flower clusters and leaves